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IoT is the newest way to drive efficiency in any industry vertical imaginable. Accelerating responsiveness and monetizing data can work a long way to create insights and potential from all IoT connected devices. Anticipating operations based on real-time data drivers alongside routine predictive performance or maintenance, it all comes together as the best bet to imagine the promising future of a IoT based products.

Building ideas, prototypes and dream innovations, IoT products are now emerging as a flexible yet low cost way to take advantage of the upgrades for a more operation efficient industry.

With rapid digital transformation and the launch of disruptive tech and other innovative projects changing markets worldwide.

It’s now time to think- about business differently. 

IoT product design is the newest kid on the block to enhance and upscale any industry vertical out there.

With good firmware and smart wireless solutions coming together, IoT product engineering services are here to stay.

Iot product engineering services includes the triad of a good design and development of a system device, alongside it’s assembly and functionality

A product engineering capability is always complemented by comprehensive IoT  pilot testing when utilizing IoT analytics to gain insight on deploying skills like machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. 

Powered with IoT enabled security services providing assessments to deliver highly scalable yet low cost solutions.

A smart product engineering service is a neo-age engineering consultation, which utilizes various BLE firmware or hardware, alongside sensors, embedded software and IT services solutions for designing and developing smart IoT products. 

There are multiple phases of an IoT-based product engineering right from its inception stages to the very end of the product life cycle and functionality.

The IoT engineering service market types and verticals comprise several tech giant service providers developing a closely knit IoT engineering ecosystem.

IoT engineered apps and products from the cloud to the edge are becoming increasingly cost efficient and scalable.

As it utilizes more cost-effective, low power sensors which effectively track and transmit all monitored data parameters for real-time analysis, driving timely actions, decision making and functionality.

Building smart products are now more rewarding and yet forgiving than ever.

With strong partnerships among leading IoT platform providers offering end-to-end product engineering expertise with incoming investments in technology assets and multiple co-innovation projects underway. It all ensures a bright future upcoming for smart product development services.

Right from building smart products for OEMs to developing wearables and home goods, companies are always continuously challenged with faster evolving technologies and low cost optimization requirements, with an increasing demand for the chosen vertical and service types.

The increasing role of product engineering services in the modern technology space

Thankfully now, not having the right and exclusive domain skill experience and technical expertise is no longer that great barrier anymore. Specifically when it comes to building great profitable products and leaving behind a product legacy for years to come. So, instead of relying on homegrown in-house talent and resources that require high investment in terms of both time and money, companies can now look forward to partnering with a product engineering service (PES) provider like Technosphere for instance.

Expertise in the smart home automation solutions and enterprise IoT services

Technosphere is driving smart home automation solutions as the need of every modern home/office space. Modern homes offer a simplified lifestyle, security, and energy efficiency. With the introduction of wireless technologies maturing rapidly, the challenge and costs of wiring are also substantially reduced.

Technosphere has successfully provided gateway solutions and controllers as part of home automation series, with specialization in smart home applications and smart building applications, which include –

  • Smart fire alarm systems with in-built sensors that detect the slightest environmental changes and instantly notify in the event of a smoke or fire outbreak, or in case of water leaks and floods
  • Smart monitoring which monitors energy and water consumption gauging the current, voltage, temperature, and humidity
  • Remote IoT enabled monitoring systems for solar/hybrid inverters
  • Remote monitoring and control of solar pumps
  • Efficient energy measurement and communication
  • Alerts through intruder or smart burglar alarms with in-built detection systems for home safety and security

Smart IoT products

ANTARA Social Distancing Wearable

Introducing ANTARA, a smart wearable device for tracking social distancing between employees in factories, offices and public facilities. Sending real-time local alerts and recording data on a server for quick reporting and contact tracing. This end-to-end innovative IoT solution is designed specifically for the safety & security of people working in indoor commercial or industrial facilities in the post-pandemic world.

The ANTARA wearable uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), sensors, and other advanced firmware with Technosphere’s patent gateway (ANTARAGA) which complements Antara’s seamless cloud integration.

  • It is a reliable BLE wearable solution
  • Tracks with social distancing alerts and contact tracing and evacuation
  • Hosts haptic and LED alert
  • Creates a log of other wearables: IDs, duration, and distance of contacts, with location trackers
  • Cloud integration through BLE gateway or a Mobile Phone
  • In-built body temperature sensor 
  • Location GPS sensors to monitor cordoned hazardous areas

Whizblox by Technosphere

WhizBlox is a smart, multi-sensor, multi-protocol IoT hub that is 100% configurable and seamlessly integrates with more than 100 types of sensors. Designed for rapid deployment of vertical IoT solutions. 

WhizBlox helps to enable rapid end to -end proof-of-concept IoT Solutions.

Technosphere’s WhizBlox IOT microcontroller Hub, promises to deploy end-to-end IoT commercial grade pilot in 4-6 weeks!

Key smart features

WhizBlox promises to empower businesses with the following innovations –

  • Rapid Prototyping, instant proof of concept (POC)
  • Operations efficient
  • Fast and easy deployment 
  • Plug and play mechanism
  • Offering intelligent cloud data analytics
  • Optimization

A quick overview of our IoT services

Technosphere’s product engineering services include

  • A comprehensive IoT product development.
  • IoT product design services with embedded technologies (sensors and firmware) – that help convert your product ideas into a unique implementation.
  • Concurrent Engineering – Using development boards and time tested stacks, for making custom firmware and hardware.
  • A product feasibility study and a bill of materials (BOM) – Include parts listing and assembly.
  • Technical feasibility study – Comes with assessment and technical estimates.
  • IoT Hardware Development and design (Board, FPGA) –Ensuring stage validation of performance, power, area, cost, availability, and manufacturability with detailed reviews.
  • BSP/Device Drivers – Seamless integration of board support package (BSP) implementation of specific support codes for a device as an interface to the device drivers.
  • Embedded software and firmware Development – With control functions.
  • System Integration – Systematic aggregation of device ecosystem.
  • Enclosure design – By well trained professionals and technical expertise.
  • Prototyping – Ensuring quick proof of concept.
  • Quality assurance & compliance product testing – Detailed product testing for unmatched design specifics.
  • Interoperability testing – Ensuring technical compatibility.
  • Compliance & certification- Compliance with standardized product certification.
  • Product manufacturing & support collaboration with suppliers/OEMs – Networking and effective cost management test automation support – Ensuring rigorous testing and enhancement.
  • Localization – Recycling electronic components for upgrades and scalability.
  • Re-engineering – Upgrading smart product designs that can be upscaled. 
  • Sustainability and green compliance – Environmental compliance through sustainable components and materials for end to end product design.

Technosphere is an IoT product development company that focuses on providing smart product designs and engineering services with end to end IoT solutions. Expertise in IIoT fields including smart product engineering, industry-specific IoT, smart city solutions, enterprise IoT, smart farming, wearables and wireless communication solutions.

With offices based in Bangalore, India and Dallas, TX USA, Technosphere offers reliable and secure data aggregation with seamless cloud automation using various IoT platforms.  The list includes IoT product engineering solutions, product design, industrial IoTmachine learning, AI, business automation solutions, smart factories, industrial automation solutions, data analytics, smart logistics, and smart retail.