RAKSHAK Tactical Integration & Battlefield Transparency Device

Introducing RAKSHAK -
Ultimate Battlefield Companion

RAKSHAK is a cutting-edge Tactical Integration & Battlefield Transparency Device designed to meet the critical needs of defence personnel. Whether you’re on the frontlines, operating covertly, or engaged in counter-insurgency operations, RAKSHAK provides real-time situational awareness and secure communication that empowers you to excel in challenging scenarios.

What is the Need?

RAKSHAK is essential because it answers critical questions for front-line soldiers, such as their own location, the positions of their team members, the whereabouts of the enemy, their relative positions to the enemy, team, and Base, effective communication tools, real-time visual sharing capabilities, and access to updates on enemy movements, reactions, and reinforcements. Additionally, RAKSHAK includes a GIS device with Military Grid System and Military Symbols, providing comprehensive support for soldiers in the field.

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Key Features

Key Specifications

1.6GHz Quad Core ARM Security enabled Cortex-A53
RAM / Storage
8GB RAM / 256GB Flash
OLED Display with Touch Panel
Encrypted across both Long-Range and Short-Range (voice, video, and data)
Peripherals– USB C
 – Camera
– Optional body sensors

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