Top 10 Internet of Things Examples You Should Be Aware

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Ushering in an age of the internet of things, interconnected devices and shared networks like Wi-Fi, WLAN or cellular data is now turning out to be an undeniable necessity in modern ‘smart living.’ 

IoT is sprawling than ever before. With a wide range of devices and functionality added to its ecosystem, it’s just the beginning of a future of seamless automation.

And it’s expanding fast – from smart microwaves to smart speakers, to smart cities, dog collars, fitness bands, watches, and even smart stethoscopes. The list is unending.

And the growing IoT ecosystem is getting better with every new update.

IoT thrives on its main principle -information technology and what it does with this information is what you see via the services of the devices you use. For example instant GPS notifications, remote accessibility, device controls, instant weather updates, reminder alerts etc. 

Here are the top IoT examples you should be aware of by now –

✅Smart home and security system 

smart home securityComing first on the list is the increasing need for a smart home ecosystem that enables complete, secure and remote user control over all automated home appliances, and functions including security.

This helps in testing real-time device interactions and a seamless automation service is enjoyed by the user. 

Smart security systems include home lock automation, burglar alarms,  and security cameras that work real-time. 

✅Automated farming and agriculture equipment and devices

smart farming technology

This can change the way farming is imagined.  Smart agriculture sensors,  weather predictors, soil analysis can reinvent the farming industry, optimizing it to a full extent with incurring less labor cost and production losses.


✅Smart health monitors,  fitness trackers

smart health monitor technologyAutomation in the health industry is gaining significant ground.  It’s fast, it’s reliable and it’s life saving. Automated health monitors can monitor real time patient vitals, alert emergencies and even analyze disease progression.

Smartwatches and fitness bands are even good to keep step counts, sleep cycles, pulse, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels all while you’re on the move. The readings are available on all synced devices and sent to your phone where it can analyze and notify of your overall health and mental well-being. 

✅Automated industrial units

Yes, global production supplies would be impossible to meet without smart automation of industrial units. They save labor costs, maintain quality controls, and even flag or troubleshoot errors making it a secure and reliable choice for most modern industries. It also reduces service and industrial wastes making it all the more sustainable too.

✅Automated Inventory trackers

E-commerce thrives on automated inventories that can track, control pricing, and notify each order to its correspondent factory units making it function seamless and error free most of the time. 

✅High speed internet facilitators

Wifi routers and double bandwidth facilitators can turn a wired internet connection to a smart grid in your home or office. The connectivity range of an average of more than 10 meters or more makes it possible for all devices to connect and function seamlessly via wireless connectivity saving time and data. 

✅Cybersecurity automation and fintech

The future of fintech and cybersecurity is the necessity of every financial sector.  Banks compliance with wireless services is now a must. Real time payment processes including online purchase, point of sales,  or money transfers all are automated with utmost secure servers and service providers. Real time !

✅Logistics trackers and shipping automation

All major shipping partners solely rely on IoT technology for error free product dispatches,  tracking and deliveries with real time transit updates available to the buyer via web track-ins and affiliated links. Making the business to customer route easier and more accessible.

✅Smart electricals and assistants

Like smart speakers enable voice control and real time device control functions all while you speak. For example, you can switch off the lights, turn off the TV or even turn off your microwave all by speaking to it. Emerging IoT electricals include smart fans, smart lighting,  smart doorbells, etc..the list’s unending.

Smart bulbs are available everywhere which make lighting controls easier with automation and instant remote switch offs with voice AI or commands on your phone app. Forgot to turn off the boiler before you left home smart plugs can help you control any device via your mobile when you’re on the move. No more fear of leaving electricals on. IoT saves energy and costs at the same time with minimal effort.

✅Connected devices,  phones, laptops,  tablets etc

All the devices used fall in the IoT family; they ‘talk’ and communicate with each other while sharing device controls and seamless real time file and information transfers that makes accessing work or assignments much easier to carry on from any device.Remember when you start an email on your laptop and draft it in the morning , instant sync allows you to now easily edit and send it via your phone in the evening. It’s all powered by IoT. 

As IoT ideas continue to grow in the future the range  and diverse types of IoT functions are expected to emerge making it an inseparable part of the modern ‘smart living’. With seamless controls, reduced service waste and sustainability goals powered by IoT. It’s the future of ‘everything’.

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