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Industrial IOT (IIOT) is a key driver for higher productivity and quality for Industrial Automation. Technosphere helps various segments of Industry 4.0 in this aspect. Remote monitoring and alerting is crucial to track the health of the devices which work 24×7 and help take preventive and quick corrective action, through predictive maintenance.

Technosphere has delivered many smart factory solutions in Industrial Automation that includes Remote Monitoring Systems, Scada Interface, Display Systems and Motor Control.

Some of the IIOT applications in which we specialise include-

  • Machine Productivity Monitoring that can monitor and enhance production efficiency of Industrial machines, including’ Legacy Machines’
  • Predictive Maintenance to reduce machine downtime/ idle time
  • Wearable Design for construction and mining sites
  • Industrial Asset Tracking and Lifecycle Monitoring
  • M2M applications that helps in monitoring the voltage, current, vibrations etc.
  • Monitoring indoor air quality
  • Monitoring and regulating of temperature
  • Ozone gas detection
  • Indoor location tracking
  • Vehicle Diagnostics

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