5 key Product Engineering considerations for medical device development.

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The future of medical device development is here. 

Brighter ideas continue to flourish through the growing years of digital expertise. We can now successfully deliver an innovative idea for a new medical device or even consider an overhauling update of an existing one. 

Although it might seem like a challenge at first with a seeming dearth of resources that possess key domain knowledge, engineering facilities, staff, or both. Also, it might seem unclear how to best digitally incorporate essential medical functionalities that create the right product market fit. And that precisely needs some out-of-the-box thinking to successfully take a technology leap.   

Medical product engineering service companies can provide any project with all the support it needs. From field and multidisciplinary advice to technical support and much more.  

The benefits of a medical device product engineering service 


While developing an off the shelf medical device we may be plagued internally by varied challenges. Most often an overarching cutting-edge technology, stringent regulations often can add an extra layer of complexity. It can potentially impact the whole medical device development process and the turnaround timeframe. Right from selecting – to staying on –discovering the right route to success, answering these interconnected questions in the product development stages can help immensely  in the long run:  

Get the most out of newer technology while de-risking the successful use of it in medical device development?  

We need to ensure any medical device design is feasible, including precisely the specifications it would need in all of its future development stages. 

Any alternative solutions can also be of help to maximize reliability, minimize costs and still ensure regulatory compliance for device development and for the product engineering process. 

With the right expertise, guidance, and top-support, overcoming any obstacle during a medical device product engineering phase can surely be a cakewalk.  

Backed by the right team of medical device engineers ensuring the needed insight, infrastructure knowledge skills, and hands-on help, across ranges of medical device engineering phase shifts. One should be well equipped with all the tools needed to access resources at any stage of a medical device product engineering, execution and development – right from its conceptualization to engineering & design and even a small-series production. 

At each and every stage, the right team can help make clear definitions and make smart choices that can save the product from potentially expensive errors, ensuring the desired quality, increasing sales promising market deployment, and real world use cases.  

Medical device product engineering  

The key areas of expertise in Medical Devices Design & Engineering ›  

Medical Devices Design & Engineering Skills 

When commencing medical innovations – whether it’s medical devices or equipment – the focus is always on finding your way to the market. Tackling technological challenges amidst an over-stretched project plan that’s bound by medical regulations that are non-negotiable is often a tough bottleneck.  

A flexible R&D organization can be of immense help via support and successful de-risking of the technology enabling it to realize clinical evidence over time. Expert architects, technologists, and project leads backed by years of experience across numerous medical projects can even successfully come up with eye-opening multidisciplinary solutions;  

  • Like closing in on the gap from research to the business 
  • Moving from ad hoc technical support to creating functional models & firsthand series ready for clinical trials 
  • Developing custom manufacturing processes right to complete industrialization 
  • Demonstrating abilities to engineer medical devices and related services that consistently meet both customer requirements and regulatory compliances. Moving with the product and finding its way to the market.  

High-Precision Engineering Solutions  

The most challenging aspect can often be handling high-tech equipment and systems well. Assisting many businesses in accelerating their innovation while improving quality and reliability can definitely help. For example, in the semiconductor industries pushing the frontiers of technology by delivering (sub) nm accurate positioning systems has proven successful.  

  • The knowledge accumulated over years of expertise can help resolve challenging high-precision engineering challenges. With experts in the first-time-right, based-model development having an array wealth of (experimental) experience through life cycles of mechatronic equipment and products.  
  • Technical involvement can vary from expert field consultancy to managing complementing teams under a field expert handling the precision and engineering competency needed, all the way to an integral end-to-end design and realization of the precision equipment – or a part of it as per requirement.   


  • High-precision engineering solutions. With experts offering a structured transparent approach. Ensuring the project’s always in control. 
  • Experience in different applications; ranging from medical to semiconductors, to logistics, test equipment etc. With help along the way. 

Electronic Systems & IoT 

Electronic Systems & IoT, are connecting smart devices via internet communication while exchanging real time data. Medical IoT devices are rapidly gaining popularity but these devices using the latest IoT technology often require precise product development ideations to deliver an unquestionable performance and ensure a desired end user experience. The team is required to have the right skills and competencies to overcome common challenges with IoT based electronic ecosystems.  

  • Digital transformations (IoT) are revolutionizing medical products & systems 
  • Constant technological advances have made us increasingly connected through cloud ecosystems. Nowadays the need for an internet connection is essential and big data is seemingly more relevant. IoT products and systems are also beginning to use it to intercommunicate as well.  
  • Electronic Systems & IoT for product development and engineering is also becoming increasingly more important.  

Design for Reliability Solutions 

As an innovation team, there’s responsibility for meeting the ever-increasing market needs by constantly delivering innovations faster. Cutting your time-to-market without compromising compliance. We drive down the cost of non-quality (CoNQ) end-to-end. 


Design for Reliability (DfR) Solutions helps you meet these essential needs. And more, Design for Reliability Solutions also helps  design-in quality. Setting up the foundation to avert future problems such as expensive redesigns later in the process, or yield field related problems. DfR helps remain in full control of the (global) supply chain and avoid supplier lock-ins quite effectively.   

  • Access hard-to-maintain capabilities avail better speed, with a lower cost of ownership 
  • Consistent, controlled designs, avoid expensive rework and other CoNQ, with a reduced supplier dependency
  • Component intelligence securing qualified components, preventing data leaks, or risks with excess management issues 
  • Quick, sustainable solutions for better product quality during development, production, and on the field.  

Manufacturing Systems & Industry 4.0 

Developing a new product, while not having a clear idea on how to produce it? Designing the product to be manufactured cost-effectively and reliably while introducing it into factory rollouts?  

Needing a customized production line or a dedicated piece of machinery? These solutions can help.  

  • Additive manufacturing including intelligent robotics and big data management 
  • Critical to quality solutions, backed by years of product expertise 
  • Speeding-up your time to market  

To sum up  

Right system architects and process engineers work closely together with development and engineering teams. Designing the manufacturing process, line or machinery needed and embedding them with the newest available technologies as an additive manufacturing. That’s powered by intelligent robotics and a manufacturing data management system, wherever beneficial.  

With expertise in building scalable manufacturing solutions that are critical to quality; safely managing equipment investment risks with rapid production volume increases.  

Globally active in supporting innovation processes end-to-end, concurrent engineering is the way to future IoT works; speeding-up the turnaround time and adding advantages over competitors in medtechMEDtech and IoT based healthcare domains.   

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